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The business philosophy of Sport bikes is based on the principle of:


Here a small list of our greatest strengths:


Due to the fact that we are a no-nonsense business and restrict our marketing costs, such costs are not borne by the product itself. Resulting in competitive prices.


Price is a one given, but there must always be quality also. By the fact that CUBE produces everything itself we have perfect control over the quality. At its headquarters in Bavaria Waldershof they have the biggest European test center, the test lab is under continuous development.


A daily monitoring of the guarantee and the orders ensures optimization to the service level. This promotes better customer-supplier relationship.


A custom B2B portal to inform our customers even better and to allow them an easy way to implement the orders.

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Race Hybrid

There's something to be said for not messing with a succesful formula. That's why, when we set out to design a standard-setting road e-bike, we wanted above all to pay homage to road riding's long history of elegant, form-follows-function design. By enclosing the sophisticated Fazua drive unit and battery entirely within the down tube, our engineering team created a stiff and strong backbone for the Agree Hybrid C:62 SLT but, just...
Cube Agree Hybrid
Race Hybrid

Full Suspension

When you push yourself to perform at your absolute best in all your training and racing, it's only natural that you'll want a bike that meets your expectations. That's why we created the CUBE AMS 100 C:68 SLT 29 - to match your performance on the race course and get you one step closer to the podium. How? Simple: by starting with our proven carbon four-bar suspension chassis and selecting only the very best components. SRAM's...
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Full Suspension

Hybrid MTB

We don't call a bike ''Action Team'' and paint it in team colours without good reason. The Stereo Hybrid 160 Action Team has earned the right to wear this coveted name because we're condident it can meet the stringent demands of enduro riding under the toughest of conditions. Completely revised for 2018, it looks sleeker and handles better than ever before. The seamlessly integrated Bosch CX drive system and Intube...
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Hybrid MTB Hybrid MTB

E-Bike Trekking

If you've been searching for the ultimate in comfortable, safe and easy-to-live-with urban e-bikes, we've got the perfect solution: the Town Hybrid EXC. Completely new for 2018, we've taken all the elements that make our Town Hybrids great - easy handling, supreme versatility, excellent safety and low maintenance - and combined it with the reduced weight, quieter performance and easier shifting of Shimano's Nexus Premium 8...
Cube Town Hybrid EXC
E-Bike Trekking